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  • Antony Wilder

Satisfaction in Collaboration. Parnonas Artist Residency, Peloponesse.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

As an artist, you know that creating can be a deeply personal and sometimes isolating experience. But it doesn't have to be that way. Collaboration can bring richness and depth to your creative work that you may never have thought possible.

I understand that putting yourself out there and working with others can make you feel vulnerable or scared. You may worry about judgement, envy, or frustration. But it is in facing these challenges that we learn to grow, both as artists and as human beings. And I believe you have the courage and the creativity to face them head-on.

When you collaborate with others, you open yourself up to new perspectives, ideas, and techniques. You can learn from others and share your unique talents and strengths. Working collaboratively can genuinely enhance the boundaries of your creative process, leading to an exceptional output that is more impactful, meaningful, and beautiful.

But it's not just about the practicalities of networking and finding new opportunities for your art. Collaboration can also help you develop more profound self-worth and validation. Working with others gives you the feedback, encouragement, and support you need to build your confidence and self-esteem. You can learn to appreciate the value you bring to the creative process and find new ways to connect with others.

So I encourage you to embrace the challenge of collaboration. Let yourself be vulnerable, listen deeply, and share your unique voice. Remember that it's not about external validation or market value but about the beauty and depth of the art you create and its impact on yourself and the world around you. You are brave, creative, and resilient. And I believe that you can become even more whole and fulfilled as both an artist and a human being through collaboration.

I also want to share a personal experience with you. I collaborated with artists a few years ago to create a public art installation. It was a challenging project, and sometimes I felt unsure of my abilities and overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the work. But through collaboration, we could bring our different talents and perspectives together and create something wonderful and impactful. As a result, the project received much attention and praise, leading to more commissioned work for all of us.

What's more, I made some wonderful new friends through the collaboration. One of them was also an artist, and we continued working on other projects long after the installation was completed. Their friendship has become an essential part of my life, and I know that I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for the power of collaboration.

So, remember that collaboration isn't just about the work itself but also about the connections and relationships that can be formed through it. By collaborating with others, you never know who you might meet, what new ideas you might discover, or how they might enrich your life and art.

Intervention, Eco-insurgency, Antony Wilder, 2019, London

Image Copyright, Antony Wilder.

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