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  • Antony Wilder

Philosophy, Virtue and Art. Parnonas Artist Residency, Greece.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The Death of Socrates By Jaques-Louis David. (1787). Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The death of Socrates, an iconic figure in ancient Greek philosophy, marks a poignant moment in history.

Condemned to death by drinking hemlock, Socrates' passing resulted from his unwavering commitment to his philosophical principles.

Refusing to compromise his pursuit of truth and ethical questioning, he chose death over renouncing his teachings.

As he calmly faced his execution, surrounded by his followers, Socrates demonstrated an unyielding dedication to intellectual integrity and the examined life.

His legacy symbolises the courage to challenge conventional wisdom and uphold the pursuit of knowledge, even in the face of dire consequences.

The Parnonas Artist Residency (P.A.R) is a remarkable testament to the power of ethical values and virtuous vision in fostering a unique haven for artistic growth and self-discovery. Rooted in respect for diversity and a commitment to integrity, this residency emerges as a transformative journey for artists, all set against the backdrop of the picturesque village of Tsintzina, nestled within the majestic Parnonas Mountains of Southern Greece.

At the heart of P.A.R. lies an unwavering dedication to ethical values, particularly the ethos of respect. This principle encompasses all walks of life, acknowledging the inherent worth and value of every individual's experiences and perspectives. The foundation of care translates into a safe and inclusive environment where artists from across the globe converge to share their stories, cultures, and artistic visions. It's a celebration of the tapestry of human existence, acknowledging the richness that emerges when differences are honoured and embraced.

Embedded within the residency's framework is a virtuous vision as a beacon of inspiration. The artists and founders have embarked on a journey to create a space transcending mere rhetoric, emphasizing the importance of translating ideals into action. This virtuous stance underscores the commitment to honesty, authenticity, and excellence in every facet of the residency's offerings. It's a call to integrity that resonates through the air, inviting participants to engage in creative pursuits and immerse themselves in an atmosphere where words align with deeds.

P.A.R.'s physical location in the village of Tsintzina is a testament to the thoughtfulness behind its creation. The residency is situated near the historically significant Sparta and embodies a blend of cultural immersion and artistic inspiration. The Parnonas Mountains cradle this creative haven, providing a serene backdrop that encourages contemplation, inspiration, and introspection. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of urban life, this setting offers a sanctuary for artists to dive deep into their creative processes, unburdened by distractions.

In essence, P.A.R. serves as a school of life through art. It's a place where creativity becomes a vehicle for personal and ethical growth. The residency encourages a cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives by welcoming artists of all disciplines. Painters, writers, musicians, dancers – all form a vibrant community, fostering an environment where artistic boundaries are stretched, conventions are challenged, and new horizons are explored.

Beyond artistic endeavours, P.A.R. seeks to provide a nurturing space for personal development. It's a place where the values of respect and integrity guide creative expression and seep into life's very fabric. Participants are encouraged to learn, question, and engage in thoughtful discussions. The residency becomes a mirror reflecting the virtue of authenticity and the importance of connecting with oneself and others in meaningful ways.

In conclusion, the Parnonas Artist Residency manifests ethical values and virtuous aspirations in art. It is a space where respect for all walks of life intertwines with a vision of integrity and action. Nestled in the embrace of the Parnonas Mountains, this residency offers more than a place to create art; it provides a transformative experience that nourishes the spirit, nurtures creativity, and fosters a genuine connection with art and humanity.

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