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  • Antony Wilder

Neurons, Transporters, Electricity and Energy. Artist Residency, Greece.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Electric Impressions. Digital photography, Antony Wilder, 30 September 2023.

In a world where the importance of life and the intricate dance of energy echo the vital connections between biology, electricity, and our shared biosphere. We all experience the significance of these synapses that keep our bodies functioning.

Through the lens of a digital camera, a device intrinsically tied to electricity, I capture the essence of light sources in soft focus, unveiling a palette of colours reminiscent of the pulsating patterns within a petri dish. These images transcend mere representation; they are a testament to the symbiotic relationship between art, science, and the life-giving force of electricity.

The soft focus technique achieved through the camera's intricate electrical components and lens imparts an ethereal quality to the work. It echoes the very synapses in our nervous system, where electrical impulses navigate neural pathways, orchestrating the symphony of life itself. These radiant bokeh formations mirror the delicate dance of energy transfer within our bodies—a reminder that the vitality of our existence is intricately linked to the flow of electrical signals.

Amid this visual journey, the colours mirror the evolution of our connection with electricity. The warm, incandescent glows evoke a sense of nostalgia, echoing the pioneering days of electrical discovery. The cool, fluorescent blues and greens symbolise the efficiency of modern lighting, while vibrant bursts of LED-inspired reds and purples nod to our technologically advanced present. This spectrum chronicles human progress, from the beginnings of electrical innovation to the dawn of smart cities.

At its core, the images express the fusion of light and electricity, just as electrical impulses course through neural synapses, igniting the thoughts and movements within our bodies. Electricity pulses through these images, meticulously captured by the camera's sensor. Here, we access the hidden world where electricity transcends its role as a utility to become a living, breathing entity—a vital force.

This work reflects a profound connection to the themes of life and energy. It beckons us to contemplate the intricate relationships underpinning all existence, from the complex neural networks within our bodies to the vast electrical grids powering our cities. It serves as a potent reminder that our quest to harness electricity, epitomised by the camera, is not just a technological advance but a quest to understand the very essence of life itself.

As we immerse ourselves in these images, we engage in a dialogue between art and science, between the ethereal and the tangible. This work compels us to recognise that the beauty of our world extends beyond the visible; it resides in the hidden forces that unite us. In these images, we discover a visual symphony transcending the ordinary, inviting us to explore the extraordinary tapestry of life and energy that envelops us all. It serves as a poignant reminder that the biology of life itself depends on these intricate electrical connections, and our collective future hinges on our responsible stewardship of the vital energy that sustains us and our biosphere.

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